Berlin the divided city

Lively present and dark past

No longer divided by the Iron Curtain, Berlin has been reborn and is becoming recognised as a thriving and modern destination for visitors. The City combines realms of glamour and grit, filled with outstanding museums, galleries, opera and nightlife. The city of Berlin really does take the crown for the biggest transformation in Europe since World War II.

This incredible City combines sites of new and upcoming architecture with what’s left of the historical Berlin landmarks, such as the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie and remains of the Berlin Wall. No matter which street you turn down, you are guaranteed to be greeted by another page of a history book. Berlin not only takes centre stage for its inspiring architectural monuments but plays host to an array of museums, green landscapes and nightlife to satisfy even the hardest clubbers.

The German Capital is fast on the rise when it comes to fashion, art, design and music with a global influx of international artists inspired by the Berlin way of life. It has been estimated that Berlin holds around 180 museums bursting with a vibrant gallery scene, exhilarating exhibitions and auction houses.

City Information

  • Language: German
  • Population: 3.7 Million
  • Currency: Euro (€)
  • Time: CET (+1)
  • Founded: 1192

Fun Facts

  • Popular Drink: Beer
  • Favorite Food: Wurst
  • Local Sweets: Berliner